It’s all a miracle. All of it, from the infinitesimally small probability of our existence to the families we are born into, environment, chance, and serendipity. And so we float through the world in awe, struggle or blissful oblivion in the name of the miraculous — the human experience of transcendence we call life.

The miraculous was always within reach for me. I didn’t grow up with fairies or elves, but I never had to be convinced, changed or talked into any of it. My great-grandmother, Valasia, healed people with a special form of prayer. I will never forget her…

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Allergies are about your body’s ineffectiveness to assimilate histamine — a chemical generated in human mast cells and in types of white blood cells called basophils to combat pathogens. Mast cells abound in the nose, mouth, lungs, skin, and blood vessels. The most common symptoms of histamine overload are red, puffy eyes, congestion, asthma, difficulties breathing, rashes, and eczemas.

Histamine is also responsible for the reactions we get after an exposure to plants like stinging nettle and poison ivy, and to the venom of mosquitoes, wasps, spiders, aunts, and bees. Histamines are also present in foods. Our histamine levels are…

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There is no wrong or right

For life is never as it seems.

The truth is relative, the fight

Determines all and then redeems

The final winnings of the light.

It’s not superior to darkness.

It just illuminates the way.

And when the secrets are revealed,

The night will bow down to the day.

Photo: Fiona Art

Crystal fairies swirl around

Memories of distant sun

Warming up frozen thoughts

Melting sentiments for fun

The indifference reemerges

There is so much we can do.

Time stumbles down the steps

And I don’t have a clue

How to prompt hibernation

And fall back asleep.

It’s a standing ovation —

A desire to keep

The mind active and open

Not feeling too smart

Re-reading Leo Tolstoy’s

Essay: “What is Art”?

I am not participating

Yet, doing no harm.

If I sleep deeply,

I’ll ignore the alarm.

Love it or hate it.

It is what it is.

Is free will a…

Photo: Steven Hylands

Time will always set the pace.
Changing, leveraging in peace,
Seeking patterns in a maze,
Ironing a settled crease.

Why you wonder? I will tell you.
It’s a complex of a sort.
Thoughts are made to grow and strive,
To achieve a new cohort.

Running unimpeded, fast –
Issuance of oversight.
Wondering if this would last,
Is it simply fight or flight?

Judging is a disposition
That would corner your mind.
It’s pragmatic, thin and shallow.
Self-deceptive, but aligned.

Aptitude is overrated,
Hallowed ignorance is bliss.
Lucid dreams I never had,
I will neither crave nor miss.

Evelina Sodt, PhD

I am a naturopath, not an MD. Nothing on this page intends to treat, diagnose or prevent disease. Check me out at Thank you!

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