A Website for Your Business And How Not to Pay a Dime for It Going Forward

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Any business must have a website in this day and age. It’s not just for presence, it establishes you as an authority, showcases your talents, and creates an interest. It may also house forms, signatures, and help you accept payments.

Many small business sites use platforms such as Squarespace. My work as of recent, supports moving people away from the platform and setting up a free site instead, featuring the following:

  • Absolutely beautiful design
  • Highly professional
  • Free registration for life
  • Free to run and operate for life
  • No domain name you have to keep paying for
  • You are in complete control forever
  • Easy to remember name
  • Analytic data on demand
  • Automatically syncs with Square POS
  • In-house and on-demand delivery
  • Curbside and in-store pickup
  • Instagram integration
  • Local delivery
  • Accept Square gift cards
  • Google Pay & Apple Pay
  • Sales coupons
  • Inventory management
  • SEO tools
  • SSL security

Economic conditions change. More and more people today not only need, they require freedom for their businesses. Nothing is more frustrating than having your site shut down because of non-payment, especially when we are talking about something that was completely misrepresented to you.

I will never forget spending incredible time creating and launching a health site complete with a number of articles, research, galleries, etc… then buying a domain, getting registered, being assured that I am paid up for 5 years… only to find out that I have ongoing payments I need to make or my site will be shut down! Guess what? I let them shut it down. I will be in control and I will not pay for something I can get in a more gorgeous format for free. Most importantly, I want full control. I also promise you this. Unless you are a multinational label with millions spent on branding, people won’t got to your site without an ad, a push, a link, an offer, a promo, or a lead.

Let me take your existing site from Squarespace and make it free for life! Want a new site altogether? Let’s talk. Take a look.

About: Evelina Sodt is a professional with 20 years of marketing experience, 12 of them as a Marketing Director. She is a published author of over 60 articles and 10 books (Amazon Number One International Best Seller) and can guide you through marketing, optimizing, publishing and content. She also wants to give you the tools that will set you free for life!

I am a naturopath, not an MD. Nothing on this page intends to treat, diagnose or prevent disease. Check me out at www.tinyurl.com/EvelinaSodt Thank you!

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