Preempting Murder in the Coming Revolution: Lessons from Communism

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I am emotional about writing this article. My thoughts are running in a circle, and I am tragically aware of my inability to slow them down, so that I can warn people about the horrid path I believe we are on.

I grew up in Communism. The ills you see on TV don’t give a glimpse into what it was like. The focus is off and the bread lines didn’t really matter to us all that much. In fact, you only saw the external facade. The real tragedy occurred behind the scenes, with neighbors spying on one another and innocent people being murdered under the guise of preemption. That is why when I see some US politicians’ plans, including their preemption info-graphics, I feel sick. When I have yet another truth fact-checked into a triviality, I want to vomit; and when I remember clamoring for Bill Clinton back in college, I feel shame. On one hand, I have love for the Democrats — Sen. Bill Bradley was instrumental in our arrival to the US — and on the other, I am brought to tears when I am faced with their Minority Report like preemption talk.

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DARPA’s Information Awareness Program

I will never forget my grandmother crying over our worthless bonds, and I will never forget her stories about what happened to her dad and the maltreatment (and consequent death) that was brought upon him for his one crime — land ownership.

First went free speech… for the common good. You can obfuscate it, you know. Why not call it Hate Speech? Problem solved.

“People actually believe there a difference between hate speech and free speech,” said liberal professor Jordan Peterson, who is ridiculously and falsely labeled as a far-right intellectual.

Professor Chomsky has also warned us that if we do not believe in the freedom of speech of those we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.

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Listening to my history teachers during communism was hard. Half the time, I caught myself struggling to keep my emotions in check. And if I didn’t? Would I be sent to a “reform” school? Do you know what happened there? Teenagers were beaten to death and fed to the pigs. The girls were brutally raped, ripped apart and bloodied before they were murdered. Some survived to tell the stories, but they were mentally ill for life. Because they were the children of gulags, who didn't believe in “equality and brotherhood.”

Preemption during “equality and brotherhood” was the biggest crime of all. People called “dangerous” was the biggest crime of all. Don’t think it can happen here? The precedents in history are endless. Do you not remember the bloody, barbaric decapitations Robespierre procured after the French revolution to murder those who he believed sympathized with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette? The king and the queen were children when they started ruling over a bankrupt kingdom, for God’s sake. France was already financially ruined and Marie’s supposed extravagances — from “let them eat cake” to the her fabricated interest in a 15 million dollar (in today’s money) necklace — were fake news. Her own son was pressured into accusing her of incest. Her head was cut off over fake news when she was in her 30s… Imagine that. And who can forget Stalin, who murdered over 20 million people because they were suspected gulag sympathizers? So excuse me when I hear threats to the effect of “Trump supporters will pay dearly,” and I want to cry. What’s happening here? Gearing up for gulag camps?

I also hear the plight of the poor and of those jilted by the cruelties of capitalism. These things have to change, so that we can avoid a bloody revolution. Corporations are running amuck poisoning our food and environment. Big pharma is creating addicts en masse, while pushing lucrative symptom-masking pills over lifestyle medicine. Universities are selling fake scientific studies to line their pockets with grant money, and unnecessary medical procedures are being pushed by doctors for personal gain. Yes, capitalism has its ills. No one is suggesting otherwise.

So what is the solution? Libertarian socialism? Safety nets and small business freedom? A government small on bureaucrats, and big on socialized medicine and college education? Do you think it can be done? I truly don’t want to turn this into a debate. These are rhetorical questions. I am the ultimate inactivist. There are people who are better suited for this.

I know one thing. Some type of socialism is on the rise and we must preempt the coming bloody preemption. If it’s true indeed that doctors who call for the end of the lock-downs are put on domestic terrorist watch lists along with gun owners and people who listen to alternative news, etc., etc… these lists must be destroyed or displayed in museums as cautionary tales of what could have happened.

What about those who say that the racial tensions are artificially manufactured to create a divide and to dismantle the police (that was the first action Hitler took to preempt resistance). Off with their heads! See what I did there?

No one knows what the future holds, but don’t surrender the power of your individual actions. Love people of all races like brothers, stop calling your friends dangerous, and turn off the news.

I am a naturopath, not an MD. Nothing on this page intends to treat, diagnose or prevent disease. Check me out at Thank you!

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